Jun 14, 2011

Espagne-Gala and Salvador Dali's home

Cadaques, Spain. One view you don't forget! But just in case...better take a picture.
That is me popping out of an egg at Gala and Salvador Dali's home. What a fun trip. Costa Brava where Dali's home lies...is one coast you don't forget. The bus drive from Figueres to Cadaques is winding and is not for the faint of heart...but once here in Cadaques...time stops....
Looking down at Gala and Salvador Dali's home. I understand why they chose this spot. It is still not packed with tourists. Don't get me wrong there are tourists...just not like other places like Nice, France. And what a beautiful view of the Med.
You don't realize the fascination of white eggs that Dali had until you have visited his home. Here is a picture I took outside Gala and Salavdor Dali's home. It was fascinating for sure!
I will miss Cruzy and my family....until next year Occitania! You are always in my heart.


  1. I went to Figueres years ago for a day as I had been driving over the border from Banuyls in France – I don’t remember it well but I still have some flamenco CDs I bought there. As for Dali, when I lived in San Francisco in the 60s I saw a lithograph of his in a gallery that I loved. I saved my money for several months and bought it. It may be more valuable now, I am not sure (well it has been 35 years ago.) Your trip sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. I bet that lithograph is worth some money for sure! How cool. Lucky duck. My trip was a blast. Again next year...so it looks like you don't have to wait til next year. You seem to be always traveling. =)