Jul 22, 2011

Along the Flash Flood Canal (part 1)

My partner and I like taking evening walks along the flash flood channels. July is flash flood awareness month. I was worried for this little stray when I saw her in the canal. If a flash flood comes through she will be wiped out. The real estate crash in Las Vegas has left a devastating animal population behind. Why humans didn't take their animals with them-beats me.
The sweet little kitty had the most beautiful emerald eyes that I have ever seen!
She led me to her home.
She found a good spot to keep out of the 105 degree weather. It looks like someone is already feeding her. And there is a water source for her here. I am looking for a no-kill shelter for her. They seem to be all full. She can't stay in the canal.
My shard trying to make a point with this photo. Don't worry I can smell it in the air when a flash flood is coming. Not today at 3% humidity.
Back to the walk.....


  1. This is such an informative and sweet documentary. I didn't even know there was such a thing as "Flash Flood Canals". Hope you find a place for the little Kitty before a flash flood. I'm looking forward to Part II. Is there rain in the forecast? Stay Safe!!

  2. It is always so sad for the animals when they are left behind. I listened to your tape – they both have a southern accent. When I stayed with family in Marseille for a while when I was a teenager I picked up the accent too. Coming back to Paris I thought my mother talked so funny - it was not her, it was me.

  3. Hi Nina! No flash floods coming so far. Lets hope we find a home for her soon! Hope you are enjoying your Fridays off. =)

    Vagabonde that is funny.=) I have an american/south France accent when I speak french. Can you imagine how funny that must sound?!