Jul 5, 2011

The long weekend is over!

No worries the flag is not on fire. It just looks that way!
Food for days.

Vegi or beef burgers?

Alan my brother is the best BarbeQuer in Las Vegas!
Alan run!
What am i doing?

Dori caught on fire.
Strike a pose! Sister Cristina, brother Alan and step mama Shirley.
I know what Alan is trying to do here...


  1. Vegi burger,please :)
    I am glad you are having such a good (food) time with your family!

  2. Why thanks Olga! It is good to live near family again. And my step mom is a very good cook.

    Good choice-vegi coming up!

  3. We usually eat more vegetable then meat but once in a while I like a good burger. I like it even more if it is homemade and grilled outside. We don’t have a grill though, so I don’t get one of those very often. This made me hungry, luckily I have some shrimp, but still…. a nice burger would be great!

  4. excellent time with family on the 4th of July!

  5. Haha Vagabonde-sounds like you need to get your grilled hamburger fix soon. I am mostly a pescetarian these days...so grilled shrimp sounds good to me! =)

    Dor dor...good times!;)

  6. Great post. I missed it on my way down to Spain. Looks like you had a blast on July 4th with your relatives! As for the burgers, I'd say veggie for mine (mind you, grilled shrimp does not sound too shabby either ;-)
    Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle