Aug 12, 2011

A Little Spirituality Please

Catholic Church- New Mexico

The Southwest is a tricultural region compromised of Native Americans, Hispanics and Anglos. By definition the term Hispanic refers to anybody that comes from a Spanish speaking background or culture regardless of race or national origin. This is what it means in the U.S.

To be Latin, one must have some connection to the original European Latin ethnic group which is made up of Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese and French but definitely not German or Anglo-Saxon. 

so this means...I'm mixed with Latin(french mother) and Anglo(english ancestry father).

Native Americans will say they are Hopi, Ute, Paiute, or Dine' depending on which tribe they come from in the Southwest. Anglos are not all from England and so these folks would prefer to be called Irish, German or wherever they originate from in Europe. But, these 3 common names(Anglo, Native American, Hispanic) are still used for the most part for the tri-cultures of the Southwest. 

Mormon Temple-Salt Lake City(above)

A Hopi dwelling(above)-Arizona

Hopi do not have a Hopi religion in the same way most Euro-Americans think of religion. Hopi life is Hopi religion. There is no separation of the religious life from all other activities of the Hopi.

People from the Southwest will also call themselves spiritual. Yet, many belong to an organized religion. The largest group being the Catholics. The second being Protestant followed by Mormons. A Hispanic girl told me once, the nicest people she has ever met were Safeway workers and Mormons. I found this funny and I found this true about the Mormons-they are nice people. I should know, I come from one leg full of Mormons. And for the Safeway workers? I wouldn't know, I shop at Fresh and Easy

I enjoy the spirituality of the Native Americans. I don't fit into any certain box and enjoy the freedom of my own spirituality.

A Native American translation for the song below:

Let us eclipse the sun and the moon with our spiritual and emotional being,
and let us transcend these physical barriers and negativity which have made us a nation of one.
May the winds of time put into motion this feeling we share with mother Earth and this universe till the end of time.
May the creator bestow upon us a grand sense of unity and peace which we will continue to pass to our people, where they reside.


  1. I've enjoyed your "A Little Spirituality Please" post of Southwest Spirtuality pictures and information. The video was very relaxing and inspiring to listen to also. Saundra..Thanks for sharing this lovely entry.

  2. Thanks Nina for visiting! We need to chat soon on the phone. =)

  3. I know what we have in common. "The freedom of my own spirituality" - the best explanation of my own position. I really love the way you put that.

  4. Hi Olga! That's nice to know you feel the same way-I think my mom would call that an artistic sensibility.=)