Aug 17, 2011

My little cousin has flair.

I remember my little cousin at family reunions. She was quite the character and cute as a button! Now reconnected on facebook...she is all grown up. And I like what she's been up to. She is studying to be an Anthropologist at the University and a knack for modeling. These are some of my favorite photos of hers.

Southwest scene.

The photographer did really well capturing the southwest sunlight.

Funny reenactment of Frida!
I really like this one-In the four corners(U.S.) area you have to watch for deers while driving at night. It looks like you have to watch out for half deer humans as well.
I've driven by this plant in New Mexico near the Indian rez. It's a strange and desolate place. The woman needs a ride!
Pool side is a must!

This one cracks me up. How morbid! It's all in good fun.


  1. Thanks Gabrielle. I will pass it on. =)

  2. I always have a little moment of goodnes when I'm reading your blog :) Your little cousin is gorgeous!

  3. Awww thanks Olga- I feel the same way about your blog! You have me on the edge of my seat for your next ones. I will let my cousin know about the compliment -she will love that!