Aug 12, 2011

Navajo Language

We went to see my aunt Shirley at a nursing home near Monument Valley, Utah. The elderly Navajo woman in the video i believe is speaking Navajo. Her weathered face makes me wish I could understand her. How I would love to hear all her stories. Although I don't understand Navajo...I think she is cursing someone out at the nursing home. I like how my partner acts like she understands Navajo. The lady that is clapping is a hoot!


  1. This little video is so interesting to watch. The Navajo women sure had lots to say when Dori asked "Do you know Aunt Shirley?" It does make you want to know more about her. Hopefully she wasn't cursing someone out at the nursing home. HaHa

  2. haha I think she was cursing someone out Nina! I've heard those Navajo words somewhere before. =/