Aug 26, 2011

Next Stop Zion!

A little trip to Zion National Park to get things fresh again. Although, we were not able to sleep because it was 85 degrees at night time! It was Dori and I's first time to Zion National Park. I put Zion up there with Monument Valley and Moab, Utah. The Virgin River runs through the steep canyons of Zion. Towns like Hurricane, Kanab, and Virgin add to the trip experience. An easy trip from Las Vegas- only 2 and half hours. The scenery alone makes a great back drop for a road trip. The scenery is much like a sci-fi flick. Springdale, Utah is the closest town to Zion and it's full of charm and information about the area. We will be back for certain. Next time we are hoping for 75 degrees or below for a good night's sleep.

Virgin River
Sister wives somewhere in Utah.


  1. Beautiful photos! Beautiful girls! Beautiful nature! This post is so full of positive energy and beauty... thank you!

  2. You are beautiful yourself and you are full of positive energy. Thank you Nina! =)