Sep 29, 2011

The Blogging Shards


I started wondering how people where making photos bigger on Blogger. I didn't see anything on Blogger's photo feature to make pictures any larger than I already had. I thought maybe they're paying extra money. I gave up on the whole idea until I kept seeing wonderful large photos that complimented Bloggers'writings. I'm a visual person therefore a sucker for large photos - I love to see what people are talking about. My mother asked me to make my print larger in emails; so, I figured photos were next. I also think she is getting blinder by the minute. 

Maybe i need to get my eyes checked too.

I did some google searching and I finally found a way to go BIG! I was so proud of myself and started to play around with the idea again. But then I questioned myself, how big is too big? I figured out how to make my heading picture larger so it could match the rest of the template...well..can I just say, I died laughing when the photo popped up on my screen - way too big! It looked like I was in the Grand Canyon instead of Canyonlands National Park. One can only hope to continue evolving from this blogging shardland.


  1. I'm glad you've figured out how to increase the size of the images on your blog. Most of the technical aspects of my blog are handled by the computer geeks in the family. Despite their knowledge, during the expansion of my photos, the frame was also too small.

  2. You are one lucky lady Olga. My geek brothers don't have anytime for me nowadays! I really enjoy your photos- nice and large...looks terrific. I don't want to change it up too much-ya know? I feel if I get rid of the picture header it won't be my blog. But, I know it looks kind of weird. What to do!=)

  3. Sandy, do share. I was thinking about that last night and could not figure out how to make my photos larger. Looks great by the way.

  4. Why thanks Randy! I went here: It got me started. I had to play around with the numbers until I thought it looked ok. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. =) Your pictures are great now- once large- I will feel like I live in Santa Fe.;) Good luck!!

  5. how cool to meet you!

    I just right-click on the photos in my draft and options pop up.

    Thanks for visiting my Hawaii blog -you are always welcome :-)

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    / )

    > < } } ( ° >

  6. Hi Cloudia! Thanks for the tidbit about the options. =) Also, thanks for visiting from Waikiki!! =)