Oct 27, 2011

Bingo Love


When my step mom calls me to go play Bingo - I go! I think it's worth the experience. It's not anything like playing the craps table or the slot machines, but let me tell you something - Bingo is a lot more fun and your money lasts a lot longer. It's my opinion of course. Four and a half bones(bucks) for an hour of people watching, free drinks and the possibility of winning a couple grand...I approve! I never win but my step mom always seems to win something. The most I have ever won was $250 at the nickel machines. That was a long time ago.

Taking photographs in casinos have been tricky for me. Most photos come out a yellowish tone. But even with my own two eyes, the lighting in some casinos will make me feel like I'm having a seizure. The lighting can be overwhelming. In any case, I keep casinos at a minimum because of the second hand smoke. Once a smoker, I would like to preserve my lungs the best I can.  I'm still hoping for a smoke-free casino someday.

Bingo Halls are dominated by white-haired people and that's fine with me - I love older people. I delight in watching them play. It's a nice way for them to get away from us shards. Just don't get stuck behind them in the bathroom after Bingo, especially after all those free drinks. Beware of the fragile looking lady, she can be cranky and likes to cuss up a storm.

Dori can't get enough of the unlimited coffee.
Lady Luck Shirley - my step mom(above photo) is a winner.  
I'm still not sure what the fascination is with the trolls but I like it.
I have no idea why I'm smiling - I'm completely losing.


  1. This post is soooo fun Sandy!
    First of all, I L-O-V-E the picture of that lady with the trolls, look at her expression!!! This shot tell us a story (and the light/colours are great)!
    I lol when I read your last phrase!
    Don't give up, your lucky day is yet to come. ;-)

  2. That first photo is hilarious! I needed something funny today. We now have smoke free casinos and bingo rooms but you can still smell that smoke every now and then. Wonderful photos Sandy!

  3. what we in the isles call "Good Fun!"

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  4. Lucia Thank you! I'm glad I made you laugh.=) I hope to win someday soon. ;)

  5. Happy Friday Randy! I'm glad to cheer you up. =) You lucky dog - I might have to retire in Sante Fe, especially if they have smoke free casinos and bingo rooms!! ;)

  6. Hi Cloudia. Let the "Good fun" roll. Have nice weekend! =)

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary! I'm ashamed to admit it, but not only have I never played this exciting game; I haven't even visited a casino. It just happened. But really, you shouldn't let me into those places. Regardless of the wins or losses, I'll be very displeased when the police will be dragging me out of there :)

  8. Heeee heeee, OMG Olga that is a very funny comment. I can see it now... First time Bingo player- Russian/Canadian women arrested in Bingo Hall. Thanks again, I need to bet on 7. =)