Oct 20, 2011

Sandy Valley - a Desert Scene

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After class last week, I decided to take a gander at Sandy Valley, Nevada. I had never been to Sandy Valley, and I had some time to shard. Why not, right? It's only a 40 minute drive from Vegas. Besides that, I love the desert after a shower. The clouds were clearing up and the air was crisp. I started driving on Interstate 15 southbound - windows down and a heavy foot. I get a kick out of testing the V6 engine. 

I seem to be testing a lot these days.

I knew the drive was going to be isolated because I looked on google map beforehand. I was a little worried - not because of the isolation, but my Japanese car is 14 years old. They say, Hondas last "forever". I have tested her so many times; I was concerned about my luck running out. The drive was particularly scenic after setting off I-15 and heading west on Sandy Valley Road. I saw very few cars, just lots of desert and an open sky. 

After driving a short distance on Sandy Valley Road, I began a semi-steep incline and winding road into a canyon full of Joshua trees. I wanted to stop and take it in, but a large Ford pick-up truck was riding my tail. I wasn't afraid of the sketchy looking men in the truck(well, maybe a little), because I had my handy dandy firearm - just incase y'all! Suffice to say, I was still uptight about my darn car not making it through the canyon. 

The men in the Ford finally decided to pass me up - if stares could kill...i would be dead. I played my best poker face behind my darkest sunglasses. I acted like they never existed. So, I continued to mosey up and down the canyon until an opening to what looked like a valley. Yes, it was sandy! The sky was enormous with puffs of fluffy clouds everywhere. I had made it to Sandy Valley - a tiny town away from Vegas, behind a canyon with a beautiful sky.    

State line between California and Nevada - Sandy Valley, NV(below photo).DSC06568


I-15 northbound towards Las Vegas(above photo).
When I got home, this little buger aka black widow was waiting by the front door. How sweet!


  1. It was so cool to follow you in this adventure through the desert, my favourites are the first shot and the metallic trailler (I had only seen in movies)!
    Well done Sandy! ;-)

  2. Why... didn't you like my spider?;) hee hee Thanks Lucia. Your input means a lot. I love your style of photography.

  3. Fascinating post. I continue to travel with you :) Despite the fact that there is so much light, I find the colours and tones very cool - also very captivating.

  4. That first photo makes me want to take a drive! I love the smell of the desert after a rain.

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  6. Hi Olga! Thanks for traveling with me. =) When I moved from Little Rock, AR (300 feet above sea level) to Las Vegas, NV ( 2000 feet above sea level), I forgot how bright the sun was here. It's a high desert...when my PMS is bad, I make my eye balls look at the sunlight and it'll improve my mood. I have an old digital camera, and I end up playing on my Apple computer with the composition...perhaps too much sometimes. Have a nice weekend!! I think I just wrote you a novel - you did say you liked reading books. ;)

  7. OMG Randy! I LOVE the smell of the desert after a rain...it has to be top 10 "must do" in the desert. =)

  8. Really appreciated making this amazing trip with you. I feel safe with you and not just because you are armed :-)

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  9. Hee hee I'm glad you feel safe with me Cloudia! Don't worry, I'm just like a cactus when I'm not armed. bad joke. I'm glad you enjoyed the trip! =)
    I love how you make those fishies at the end of your comments! Have a wonderful weekend.