Dec 2, 2011

Tequila Shot - Pour Favor!


Around the time I was in 9th grade, a childhood friend named Matt - introduced me to moonshine(homemade alcohol). Lets just say, my first experience with the 'white lightning' wasn't a good one! Matt and I met in school, at an American camp in Saudi Arabia. Sadiki(meaning 'my friend' in arabic) was what Americans and Europeans would call the moonshine. Matt would steal the "Sadiki" from his parents' basement - where it was classified. Alcohol is prohibited in Saudi Arabia. Huge consequences would happen to us and our families if ever caught with the stuff. Luckily for us - we never did. A few others weren't so lucky. I would sometimes act as a watch dog for Matt, while he took the alcohol from his parents. Matt is an amazing sales person and I would be talked into many shenanigans with him.  

Later in life, Dori introduced me to Patrón tequila. I'm not a hard drinker, but every now and then, I will try something strong - just to say, I tried it. My friends thought I was a lightweight for drinking wine. But now, they have turned into lightweights themselves...youth slips away and your body's reality and responsibilities kick in.  

The sharded thing: Patrón which is a tequila(alcohol) made from the Blue Agave plant, has a sort of truth serum. I say this, because everytime Matt would go out with us in Phoenix(back in the day) - he would order Patrón shots and then he would start blabbing and crying. I noticed with any other alcohol - Matt would not do this. Then, I started putting theory to the test. I know alcohol will make people act screwy, but there is something to be said about the agave plant - it makes people want to tell you the truth! I also was divulging too much information on the stuff. Before I left France last - I exposed my mother to a Patrón shot (I wanted to know a few things) ...lets just say... she turned Mexican and acted like Frida(see below clip for reenactment).

We have interesting looking agave plants around Las Vegas. DSC06932

I started growing one in the back patio. Above photo.
 Agaves rooftop - Salvador Dali's house.
Beautiful agave in Cruzy, France.

Frida(Salmek Helmek)too much tequila? 


  1. Hahaha this Patrón can be dangerous (or very useful)!
    I love Frida (the artist and the movie), and Salma Hayek is an amazing actress, one of my favourites!
    Have a wonderful weekend Sandy! ;-)

  2. thanks for the tip. Cheers!

    Aloha from Waikiki

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  3. Hi Lucia! =) I feel the same way about the movie Frida. I LOVE it! And Salma is a talent. One of my favorites actresses too. Did you get a chance to see Penelope Cruz playing a joke on Salma Hayek? Oh my gosh- it's really funny.

    make sure to skip the cermercial part.;) I love when Salma says" Are you crazy?" Tenha um ótimo fim de semana!=)

  4. You welcome Cloudia. Happy Weekend to you! =)

  5. Unfortunately I could open the video "Sorry we're unable to offer this video to users in your region"... :(

    I wish she had the chance to play more big roles, but I think it's a Hollywood thing... But thank you anyway Sandy! :)

  6. I love the agave plant and I love that movie. Have a great weekend.

  7. Oh shoot Lucia! Well...i couldn't find it on You Tube either! =(

    I agree -she should get bigger roles. Another favorite actress is Charlize Theron and she looks like she has some good ones coming up. =)

  8. Hi Randy! I'm so glad to hear you love agave plants and the movie Frida. Good combo right! ;)

  9. I have discovered tequila not so long ago. A few of our friends brought us a bottle from Mexico. It was just before Christmas. We celebrated, and somehow, without noticing, I consumed half the bottle - with lime and salt. I felt absolutely wonderful. Too bad there was no mariachi band :)

  10. hahaha Olga! =) The lime and salt is an excellent addition to the Tequila shot. My mother loved that part. It was quite amusing to see her do this. I was invited to a true Mexican party once and there was a mariachi band-mexican food and Tequila.. now that was a night I won't forget! =)

  11. Awfully jealous right now:).