Nov 17, 2011

There Ain't No Saguaro in Texas


Truth be known, I'm stuck on desert plants at the moment. And truth be known, I've had a few cactus spines stuck on me. The saguaro cactus has been on my mind lately. I'm not trying to persuade anyone that the desert is great and we have fantastic plants. In my view - we have fantastic plants but the desert is different. There is something about the desert that human sensibility cannot digest...perhaps that is why there isn't much in poetry or fiction, painting or music - which has agreed upon general significance. 

I really need more food photos. 

The most appealing part of the sea is the meeting of the land; it's the seashore that people love and not the ocean itself. I enjoy visiting "the meeting of the sea" in places like southern France - I like visiting places that are more comfortable, friendlier, more human environment - rushing streams, sunny meadows, forests, cozy villages and roads, all the securities of the mind. Southern France is romantic and complete.

The desert is not romantic, emotionless, cruel, clear, non classical, passive, says nothing, the desert lies there like a skeleton. It's my blank canvas.

Many people already know about the saguaro cactus. It's a unique cactus because it's specific to a certain part of the world. Yet, many people have the misconception that saguaros are in Monument Valley of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Texas because of Hollywood films, logos and commercials. The geographic mislabeling has lessened over the years. I wish there were saguaros in Nevada but they are only native to Arizona, northern Mexico and a small part of Baja, California. Saguaros have a relatively long life span. They take up to 75-100 years to develop an arm. My legs feel like a saguaro after 2 days of not shaving! 
Dori's cousin's house/saguaro - Arizona. 

Arizona has strict regulations about the harvesting, collection or destruction of this species.

My brother Chris drew Dori and I this picture to remember Arizona(below).
My frenchie mother's favorite state is Arizona. I'm not sure if it's because of the saguaro...I think it's all the sun and Mexican food.
Dori and I drew these pictures -  the day before we left Arizona to Arkansas.



  1. Are you a writer? I'm asking you because I know it's not so easy to put in words what we have on our minds or in our hearts, and you do that in a very cool way!
    75 years to develop an arm,wow... Now I understand how this plant is resistant and persistent!
    The pictures you, Dori and your brother drew are very nice, they tell us lots of stories; but I really loved the way your cat kisses the picture, lovely moment. :)

    BTW, loved your explanation about shard, sharding.

  2. Oi Lucia! You are full of compliments and I love it! Thank you! =) Me a writer...i wish! The thing is, I'm blond, so a lot of air goes through my brain(lights on- nobody home) but every once in a blue moon...i have an episode. I get inspired by nature, love, art, bloggers and books.

    I'm so happy you are catching on to's so fun to shard! Now you can shard too!;) hee hee.

  3. Sandy, you have given me a flashback to my brief time in Arizona. . . desert is indeed a special zone. not everyone can face it, like the sea;

    and you are SO right: it is the verge, the meeting places that we love, the edge of a forest, or by the mountains. . . love the drawings you two did.

    cheers & Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

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  4. I do find the desert to be very romantic after a rain. Great shots Sandy.

  5. I've yet to visit Hawaii Cloudia... I look at it from your view - a wonderful and interesting place! I'm happy to hear you feel the desert is a special zone. =)And you too understand the meeting places. =) Thanks for the compliment on our drawings. Lets face it - I'm no Dali!;)

  6. Thanks Randy! You are so right - It's one of my top ten nature moments. Like that song..."i miss you like the deserts miss the rain." Super romantic right! ;)

  7. If I didn't have your blog, I never would have learned about life in the desert. And it's so unusual and exciting.

  8. Thank you Olga- I feel the same way about your blog- your blog inspires me to look at things with an artful nuance...makes life more exciting! =)