Dec 21, 2011

Let it Snow

(Online photo)

Contrary to popular opinion, the Southwest gets plenty of snow. The average snowfall in the mountains near Salt Lake City is 500 inches. Because of the state’s inland location Utah’s snow is unusually dry, earning it the reputation of having the world’s greatest powder. Arizona and New Mexico also have astonishing winter moments, despite the fact that a solid part of both states are in a desert terrain. Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort is just 30 miles from downtown Las Vegas. It isn't the winter holidays in my heart without snow. I know some people will disagree. Last winter - we happened to pass through Monument Valley's first fresh layer of snow. 


Online Photo(below)  Bryce Canyon, UtahBrcye Snow Sunrise 2_Bryce Canyon NP, UtahDSC03492

  It wasn't tourist season in Monument ValleyIt was deafening silence. Two horses had snuck up on us while in play mode. It looked like they had wondered off the Navajo reservation. It felt natural that these two had joined us. We continued to play in the snow. I thought I heard their footsteps following us but when I looked back they were gone. 

                      And Happy Winter Solstice Day!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your snow-in-the-southwest photos! When I lived in Tucson and southern NM, too, I was always so excited to get snow - even if it was just a little bit, and even if it didn't last too long.

    Hahaha! Your holiday photo is hilarious!

  2. What a nice job you did on the snow pics of this winter adventure! They almost make me want to visit this area when it snows. I got to visit Monument Valley and Bryce on a fall motorcycle trip one year and agree, this is a beautiful part of the country!

    Merry Christmas to you and Dori also! I too believe in Santa Claus!

    Winter solstice (Dec 21) was my Mother's Birthday, also it is my first Grand Daughter's ,she turned 22 today! So a Special Day for me!

  3. I was surprise when I read this post, I had no idea that snow could be found in the desert!
    Third shot is great, so peaceful...
    I hope Santa will be very generous for the two "little girls"! :)
    Happy Holidays Sandy and Dori!

  4. Thanks Sonya! I totally agree with you-I enjoy snow just a little bit, and even if it doesn't last too long(which i prefer)- I still get excited!;) I okayed the photo for the card and Dori did the photoshop-glad you found our card Hilarious! hee hee.=)

    Thank you Parker- I appreciate it. You are one lucky guy-maybe I can talk Dori into a motorcycle trip through Monument Valley next. How fun would that be! I agree, this part of the country is beautiful.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Parker. How special today must be. I love birthdays and events that are related in this way- it must make the energy around you very special.=)

    Lucia! I have missed your photos but I will be very patient and wait until you're off vacation. I hope you're having a good time! ;) The desert is very surprising and extreme. The third shot - I like too, thanks. Santa better be good to me Lucia-I have been very good this year!! And I don't doubt you've been good too! =) Ho Ho Ho.

  5. I LOVE your Monument Valley w/snow pictures! I live in the area and I still haven't been lucky enough to see it with snow yet!

  6. awesome images of desert snow. Happy holidays to both of you, too. Enjoy seeing your smiling faces.

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

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    < ° ) } } > <

  7. Everything looks so wonderful in snow! I have always wanted to go to Monument Valley. Wishing you both a wonderful Holiday Season.

  8. Thanks for visiting utahcanyon! I feel extra lucky now that you said that. I hope you get to see it soon. =)

    Hi Cloudia and thank you! Happy Holidays to you. I always enjoy you stopping by!! =)

    Randy, I hope you got all your shopping done I have one more present! Snow does look wonderful on everything. I have always wanted to go to Santa Fe- we are even! Happy Holidays to you and yours. =)

  9. Thanks for your words Sandy!
    I'm just very tired, busy and not in the mood to go out to take some shots... But I promise I'll be back (with news) very soon! :)

  10. I understand Lúcia. Get some rest girl! And keep me posted! =)

  11. These snow pictures at Monument Valley are beautiful!! I can't choose which one I like the most.. I LOVE them all. It seems unreal to have had those wild horses come up to you for the pictures. What a wonderful collection of photos and then to top it off with the cute Holiday greeting. Thanks for sharing... I'll definitely be stopping by more often to enjoy your posts! :-)

  12. Hi Nina! Thanks for the kind words. I hope you're having an awesome holiday. You should be off for a few days now. Tell Denver hi and we'll talk to you guys Facetime on Christmas Day.;)

  13. These photos of the snow all over the desert are something special. Not just an ordinary Christmas setting! Happy Holidays :)

  14. Hi Olga!=) It did feel special. Merry Christmas! I hope all your wishes come true for 2012.

  15. I love the shots with the snow in the mountains. The first one is a great ground level shot. Very nice!!

  16. Thanks Ron- I appreciate that! I never really know until comments are made. =)

  17. I like the bottom photo! Overall these are great shots!

  18. Thanks Quynh. I'm not a professional photographer by any means...but it's nice to hear that you can take a digital photograph without too many shards.;)