Jan 6, 2012



After a 3-day liquid fast, I was craving all sorts of foods. Dori and I decided to give the digestive system a break. My system wasn't happy after the second day. I had to trick my mind. I told myself, if Aron Ralston made it out of a slot canyon alive after 127 Hours - I can do this. 72 hours later, I was on my way to In-N-Out to order a grilled cheese, fries, and chocolate milk shake. 
In-N-Out Burger is a chain of fast food restaurants with locations in the western United States. The restaurant was founded in 1948, starting with southern California and expanding to Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Texas.

Julia Child, one of the first celebrities admitted to knowing every location of the restaurant between Santa Barbara and San Francisco. The book Fast Food Nation gives a positive note on the chain for using natural fresh ingredients, cleanliness and great treatment of employees. Anthony Bourdain's favorite fast food meal is In-N-Out Burger. They don't have a whole lot of advertising and they don't use celebrating endorsements. It's mostly word of mouth.
I like the menu because it's basic and doesn't leave me overwhelmed with choices. However, there are additional named items not on the menu but reside in the chain's "secret menu".  The menu is accessible on the company's web site. 

Their french fries are made from hand-diced, fresh, whole potatoes. The fries have always been fried in vegetable oil while other chains have historically used lard or beef tallow. There are no microwaves or freezers. The milkshakes are made from real ice cream. It hasn't upset my stomach yet.

These photos were taken last year.


Lights on - nobody's home


  1. This is a good way to start the year! I could be quite happy with a Double-Double!
    I can see you girls really like kecthup!
    I love Anthony Bourdain...
    Have a good weekend Sandy! :)

  2. hee hee you noticed all that ketchup. You have a good eye Lúcia! I didn't realize people knew Anthony Bourdain outside the U.S. He's more popular than I thought! Have a terrific weekend my friend. =)

  3. Ahhh, In-n-Out! I could go for an In-n-Out cheeseburger and chocolate shake right about now! I first ate at one when I was stationed in California (and lived in Santa Maria). And then, of course, they had a couple in Tucson.

  4. I like Anthony Bourdain's shows (and especially his humor), by the way!

  5. Bonne annee, Sandy! I love that chain too, and Les Boys and I usually go at least once when we go to California. If the great Julia Child loved their food so much, it can't be that bad for you, right? ;-) I just had a Trader Joe's salad but today, it tasted almost bland after i started looking at the pics in your post. ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  6. You know exactly what you want from In-N-Out Sonya. =) eww the chocolate shake too...okay I don't want to have to go again today.lol You're also a fan of Anthony B. I do like his show. I feel like I'm traveling at the same time. Have a nice weekend Sonya.

    Bonne annee Veronique! =) If a french girl in Seattle and Julia Child love the chain - then it has to be super good! I haven't been to Trader Joe's in awhile but you just gave me an idea for dinner tonight. Have a wonderful Weekend V. ;)

  7. Ketchup! All fries must have ketchup and a dip with every bite! Burgers are the best. Tony can't be wrong.!

    Wish we had a In-and-Out where I live. The menu lists everything one needs for a 'Burger Fix'! Man, I could use a shake about now!!!

  8. I do miss In & Out but I have found a new favorite in Denver called Smash Burger! Wonderful shots Sandy!

  9. Ha ha Parker! I'm glad to hear you're a ketchup and shake kind of guy. lol I bet you could make a burger that Tony would be proud of. ;)

    Hi Randy. Smash Burger? I have never heard of it. I have a sister in Denver-I will see if she has tried it yet. Thanks for the tip. =)

  10. I went to this restaurant once before in California years ago, and recently they just open a few locations in Dallas. I always want to take my kids here, but it always a long line. Finally, I ordered my first Double-Double from this restaurant around 1:30am just a few days ago, and it was good compared to order fast food restaurant.

    After, I saw these photos, I got get back there again. But, I'm making sure that a milk shake will included in my Double-Double.

    Great photos!

  11. Hi Quynh. Good to know they have a few in Dallas. I guess with a line like that- it doesn't seem so "fast food". I agree, the lines are a challenge. I found one chain not far from me and quite new. I'm literally In-N-Out. I wonder how long this will last though.

    Yes! You must try the shakes. I've seen kids dip their fries into their shakes and they look like they are in ecstasy! lol Have a great day.