Jul 30, 2014

Languedoc France - Through A Cell Phone

  I'm posting some more photos from my France trip (mostly from the Languedoc region). I loved every moment. I already miss my daily routine of going to the boulangerie and picking out pastries. I miss drinking a glass of rosé wine in the evenings by the Canal De La Robine. These photos were taken through a cell phone.

Getting ready to Leave Farmington, New Mexico
 Getting checked in Paris for my corkscrew. I tell them it has no knife and I'm half french. They let me go.
 TSA personnnel in Paris.
 Finally reaching my second home. Languedoc - France!
 2 Horsepower - the Citroen 2CV. =)
 We rented bikes from Narbonne to the Med. via the canal.

 After a 45 min. bike ride - eating moules frites near the Med.
 Couscous, french cheese, figs, and baguette.
 Vineyards next to the canal on bike ride.

 Strays love Dori.


  1. A great series of shots, thanks for sharing! Had to laugh at the corkscrew incident. Also the TSA employees in France appear to be much better dressed than their US equivalents!

    1. Thanks Spare. I've learned a few tricks with the French. It doesn't always work.;) I agree, in general the French personnels dress better than ours. Did you notice the ticket agent. Lol

  2. The picture of Dori with the little cat is very sweet!
    Yummy, pain au chocolat, L-O-V-E it!
    But I'm on a diet. :(

    1. Ola Lucia. I LOVE pain au chocolat too! I noticed they call it chocolatine in the South of France. In Paris -pain au chocolat. It doesnt matter what they call it because I had one every morning for breakfast! We walked a lot so I didn't gain weight. I couldn't believe it because I usually gain weight by looking at it! You on a diet? I don't believe it!xo